*NEW* Microsoft Ads VIDEO ADS – Get In Now While It’s HOT | Complete 2023 Tutorial

The NEW Microsoft Ads video ads are out and they are HOT!

Now is the perfect time to get in if you haven’t already because of all the different STATIC ads that are going to be up on Microsoft-owned properties, YOURS will be the only dynamic one with the video, catching people’s eye and getting you lots of quality traffic.

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:36 – Setting up the new Microsoft video ads campaign
2:29 – Targeting options
9:32 – Creating the ad
14:43 – Budget & bids/overview
19:43 – New columns

Microsoft video ads can be shown on Microsoft properties, which includes msn.com, outlook.com, the Microsoft Edge browser, and other third party sites.

You want to be careful when selecting the “pay per view” option however because what Microsoft considers a view can change your mind about selecting it.

A “view” for this new Microsoft Ads video ad format is if 50% of the video is shown on the screen and at least 2 seconds of it is played. Hardly a “view” in my opinion.

For this reason make sure you select “pay per click” as that would be the most engaging form of traffic to your website. IE. people that actually saw your ad and were interested enough to click on it.

And that is all for this Microsoft Ads video ads tutorial!

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