My 7 Years of Affiliate Marketing Lessons

In this video, we discuss affiliate marketing and paid ads. We talk about what it takes to get started with affiliate marketing, some of the biggest pitfalls that most beginner affiliate marketers fall into, and how the entire industry or niche is changing with the different platform changes that are taking over across the different ad platforms.

I also share some of my personal experiences and tips for affiliate marketers, including how to mitigate wasteful spending on Google ads, know when to trust Google machine learning, and pick out winning products to promote. This video is a must-watch if you’re serious about making affiliate marketing money.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:24 – My Background in Affiliate Marketing and YouTube
0:50 – My Business Model
1:16 – What got me into YouTube?
2:24 – Trends in Affiliate Marketing
3:26 – How to Mitigate Wasteful Spending on Google Ads
4:44 – The Best Places for Affiliate Marketers to Get Started
5:31 – How to Pick Out Winning Products to Promote
6:46 – Common Mistakes that Affiliate Marketers Make
8:31 – Common Mistakes with Landing Pages
9:31 – Why did I Choose YouTube?
11:25 – Advice for Affiliate Marketers
12:07 – YouTube RPM Drop
13:16 – Conclusion

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