How to Add a Shopify Chatbot to Your Shopify Store (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

In this video, you’ll learn how to effortlessly integrate a Shopify chatbot into your Shopify store using the innovative platform called Tidio. Tidio goes beyond a chatbot, serving as an all-encompassing customer experience management tool.

I have shown you the complete process of setting up Tidio, from signing up and connecting it to your Shopify store to installing the Tidio chatbot widget. You’ll also learn how to interact with real visitors using the Tidio chatbot and configure Lyro, the AI automated chat feature.

Incorporating Tidio into your Shopify store unlocks many benefits, including increased sales, enhanced customer service, effective lead generation, and comprehensive analytics to track your progress.

🎬 Timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
0:45 Signing up for Tidio
3:19 Installing the Tidio Chatbot Widget on Your Shopify Store
4:30 Engaging with a Real Visitor Using the Tidio Chatbot
5:43 Setting up Lyro, the AI Automated Chat
6:03 Adding Manually or Importing FAQs
7:33 Adding More Chatbots to Your Website
8:00 Lead Generation Chatbot
10:55 Connect Messanger, Instagram, Whatsapp
11:43 Mobile App
12:14 Email Marketing
13:38 Setting Up Conversion Tracking and Analytics
14:40 Other Integrations
15:07 Chatbot Details
16:49 Conclusion

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