Google Ads Case Study With CB/Digistore24 – [BIOTOX] – THIS Is How You Boost Your Quality Score

In this case study on Google Ads, I tackle Shahrizal’s account and go over ways to help him improve his campaign so he can start seeing sales for BIOTOX – a ClickBank/Digistore24 product.

We delve into the pros of his campaign, the cons, and then dive into ways for him to improve his campaign so he can start seeing sales.

Shahrizal contacted me and asked if I could help improve his campaign to help him get sales. We do just that in this video, and we will then monitor this campaign and see if our optimization techniques got him any conversions and any sales over the next few weeks assuming he implements the changes.

If you want me to do the same for your campaign, send me an email to with your Microsoft Ads or Google Ads account ID and I’ll see if I can give as thorough a review for your campaign!

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:09 – Campaign overview
1:59 – What I like about this campaign
3:24 – Some MINOR things we can improve
5:22 – Some MAJOR things we can improve
16:55 – Things we can improve on your landing page
22:02 – Summary

And that is it for this case study on Google Ads with this ClickBank/Digistore24 product! If you want me to go into as much detail for your campaign and help you generate sales, send me an email with your Microsoft or Google Ads account ID to and I can make a case study for your campaign!

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