7 Google Ads Mistakes to AVOID At All Costs

In this video, I share 7 common Google Ads mistakes that can cost you money and prevent you from getting results. These mistakes are easy to make, even if you’re an experienced user. But by avoiding them, you can improve the performance of your campaigns and get better results from your advertising.

If you’re new to Google Ads or even an experienced user, I encourage you to watch this video and learn how to avoid these common mistakes.

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🎬 Timestamps:

0:00 – Introduction
0:25 – Mistake #1: Conversion Tracking
1:17 – Mistake #2: Broad Match Keywords
3:06 – Mistake #3: Negative keywords
4:51 – Mistake #4: Search and Display Campaigns
6:17 – Mistake #5: Budget
7:54 – Mistake #6: Ad Extensions
9:26 – Mistake #7: Split Testing
10:47 – Conclusion

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